New Beginnings….& Spring 2011

                                  (The first Juliette Sunshine sample I made for my daughter!)

...From our initial sales launch in August of 2009, to the first spring shipment in January of 2010, we are so excited to have now designed, produced & shipped two seasons of Juliette Sunshine’s “Eco-friendly & Made in USA Clothing for Girls” to over 45 amazing stores nationwide!!
The fall line has gotten a great response and we’ve already added several new stores for 
Spring 2011.

For a very small start up company, It’s been a great beginning and I definitely feel like I’ve taken a crash course in business along the way…..

-I really started on a whim…..just making cute little dresses and tops from vintage garments & recycled pieces of fabric…. for my then 2 year old daughter to wear. After so many years working 50-60 hours a week designing into the latest trends for big, fast-paced fashion companies; it was a refreshing change & I really fell in love with the idea of producing special items that were made locally from earth friendly & recycled materials. I had so much fun doing it that I started to think about starting my own Eco-friendly fashion company.  With a desperate desire to spend more time with my daughter & lots of help & encouragement from my husband, I just decided one day that even if I had no idea how I was going to do it, I just had to do it…..

So with that in mind……

We are very excited to enter our 3rd season: Spring 2011 at Juliette Sunshine!

This month we are excited to debut:

A fabulous new Look Book-(Thanks to my fab friend Lana for her amazing expertise putting it together and Jessika, Jordan & Matthew for an equally amazing photo shoot!)

A fun new collection for Spring ’11 with more styles & more colors than ever before…

The launch of our new sustainable basics collection: “Eco-Candy by Juliette Sunshine”

(recent write-up in Earnshaw’s magazine)

And….a new online store: “Juliette Sunshine’s Style Shop”– ( a style lab for new ideas &  exclusive “one of a kind” limited edition pieces made from recycled materials)- Coming Soon!

Thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen! (You know who you are)…’s been a fun ride!


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