A Happy Rainbow Party

Time is flying by so quickly and so many new and exciting things are happening in out little family these days. One of the exciting things that happened this month is that Kaiya (our daughter, our love, our muse) celebrated another birthday and is now 5!

To celebrate, we decided on a “Rainbow Unicorn” theme for her party….

…with some Rainbow Balloons

a Rainbow Fruit Salad

and Homemade cake with Rainbow Sprinkles & Unicorns

….we invited a “Magical Snow Fairy” who did some amazing face painting…..

…and threw in a bunch of friends, a little “Star Wars” and a unicorn pinata into the mix for good measure. It was a fun and quirky outdoor party on a very unusually sunny and warm day.

Happy Birthday Kaiya! May all your days be filled with love, magic and rainbows…….


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Juliette Sunshine! It’s officially been one year now since we first started shipping the line to our retailers in 2010…..thank you so much to everyone who helped make this happen! Xo

Happy Birthday Juliette Sunshine!

Kaiya wears the “Candy Doll Dress” made of bamboo jersey from the spring ’11 collection