Lovely Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s a beautiful day to celebrate & daydream about all the people you love in your life…..what are your plans for today?


Some Valentine’s Day inspiration

…’s a good day for a walk on the beach…..reading a book to someone you love…..making a gift by hand….giving a big hug ….remembering special moments….and celebrating all the joy in your life.¬†Have a beautiful day!


A Happy Rainbow Party

Time is flying by so quickly and so many new and exciting things are happening in out little family these days. One of the exciting things that happened this month is that Kaiya (our daughter, our love, our muse) celebrated another birthday and is now 5!

To celebrate, we decided on a “Rainbow Unicorn” theme for her party….

…with some Rainbow Balloons

a Rainbow Fruit Salad

and Homemade cake with Rainbow Sprinkles & Unicorns

….we invited a “Magical Snow Fairy” who did some amazing face painting…..

…and threw in a bunch of friends, a little “Star Wars” and a unicorn pinata into the mix for good measure. It was a fun and quirky outdoor party on a very unusually sunny and warm day.

Happy Birthday Kaiya! May all your days be filled with love, magic and rainbows…….

Happy New Year!

I’m so excited that it’s finally 2012! HOORAY FOR NEW BEGINNINGS! While 2011 seemed to be all about endings for us, leaving behind great friends and family and familiar places for big changes….and a big move to a new city…..

2012 already feels like it’s going to be about new beginnings, new dreams, new circumstances & new people in our lives. So for that, I am very excited!

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a very bright, happy fun-filled year full of sunshine & optimism!

We are also having a “Happy New Year” clearance sale on the shop. All items are marked down 40% off.

Apple Picking

I forgot to post about the weekend when we went to a farm to do apple picking for the first time! So fun…and in such beautiful surroundings….can you imagine living a simple, quiet life on a farm? The apples were so tasty…I was so inspired, I went home and baked a pie from scratch-yum!

We also got to visit some lovely & lazy pigs, sheep and chickens……

Book Love

I’m always drawn towards beautiful illustrations in children’s books….here are some favorites from our shelf we’ve been reading… both new & old….

I really love the illustrations from The Yellow Tutu…..

And when life starts to imitate art…….

Have a beautiful day!

A Sunny day in San Francisco

This past weekend we went to the new opening of the Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco. (formerly Zeum)
What an amazing place! I’m not sure who had more fun, me or my 4 year old daughter? …..I just love to go to well designed places with amazing interiors….I am most happy in a beautiful, fun atmosphere with my family. If you can, you should check it out, there are so many great interactive things to do! Kids get to dress up in costumes, perform & sing, create their own videos (complete with green screen), do puppet shows & create music & animation.

monster mobile

cool stairway

playing dress up

glittery drum circle

puppet show

I need this in my office

It was a fun day!!

It’s A Beautiful Day!

This adorable image is one of my favorites from our first photo shoot taken in Echo Park, CA and features friends Naiya, Kaiya & Sabina wearing JULIETTE SUNSHINE: “One-Of-A-Kind-Vintage-Rewind” & Eco-friendly pieces.

Every item is made from recycled and/or organic, eco-friendly fabrics. All products in the Juliette Sunshine line are made in the U.S.A. under fair labor practices.

New Arrival !!- Juliette Sunshine clothing for girls

The Juliette Sunshine clothing for girls first collection is now finished and ready to go! The debut collection for Spring 2011 : too cute dresses, skirts & tops for your little fashionista!

Juliette Sunshine is a socially and environmentally responsible clothing line for girls. Playful & fun, it combines an eclectic mix of vintage-contemporary style with a girlish twist. Touches of delicate trims, a mix of organic knits with vintage prints, original screen prints & bold colors define the line. Juliette Sunshine is designed with comfort and versatility in mind with attention to detail; offering special pieces that can be dressed up or down, taking little girls anywhere from the playground, to play dates to parties.

With a desire to dress little girls in sustainable & Eco-friendly clothing without sacrificing style, Juliette Sunshine aims to bridge the gap between fun & whimsical fashion for girls and and an ever changing world that demands that we do whatever we can to preserve our environment and be aware of how the products we purchase are made.

Juliette Sunshine was created because all little girls rule! They are our future goddesses of the world and deserve to express themselves in beautiful ways!

Made with Lots of Love in Los Angeles, USA

Zoe & Kaiya