Now that the we are finally almost finished shipping our second season: fall 2010, I’ve been reflecting on the whole design to sales to production to shipping process and feeling a whole sense of relief about having made it successfully through another season….and now getting to concentrate on what I love most: designing! Starting a new company from the ground up is no small endeavor and I’m very thankful to all the friends who have been so amazing to help out during the crazy shipping crunch time and beyond….thank you!!

Here are some images that inspired my favorite group from the fall collection; “Mad For Plaid”, as well as images from our fall photo shoot….it’s a fun collection inspired by my New York memories of the 90’s grunge style.

Who remembers this great collection from Marc Jacobs?

I like this image too….

Juliette Sunshine’s take on the grunge scene for the tiny set…..

(All styles are made from bamboo & recycled cotton jersey. The prints and plaid trims come from vintage/recycled dresses, plaid shirts & designer leftover fabrics)

We had a lot of fun doing the photo shoot! To see more, check out the Fall 10 look book on juliettesunshine.com


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