Spring, Fall, Spring!

So….our first spring production is complete! Most orders have shipped, others are packed and ready to go this week….and now I can take a break and finally start decorating the new house we moved into 2 months ago, right?…..well, that’s just a fantasy really, because now this week it’s on to the final summer orders and then right around the corner, fall production will be due in July and at the same time the Spring 2011 collection will need to be completed and photographed….and…the cycle of fashion never ends…it keeps going and going, and sometimes it’s really just….so much FUN!!

Starting this new clothing business has been challenging at times, learning more and more as I go along, and working a LOT…. but at the end of the day, I LOVE what I’m doing and it’s been amazing to watch the company grow little by little.

I’m very happy that Juliette Sunshine was picked up by so many amazing stores around the country and looking forward to building our customer and retailer relationships in the future. And, on a side note…. I would love to be able to keep these flexible working hours and extra time I have to spend with my family! Love you, Matthew & Kaiya!!!!

Here’s Kaiya at the Pasadena flea market wearing a one-of-a-kind Free Spirit dress from the spring collection


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