“Juliette Sunshine is designed to capture the fun & happy spirit of little girls and to appeal to stylish & eco-minded parents. A mix of bright colored organic cotton, bamboo & vintage prints, creates a whimsical & retro-bohemian look.

A modern approach to eco-fashion, Juliette Sunshine takes inspiration anywhere
from the runways to flea markets to playgrounds. Attention to detail,
handmade original screen prints,delicate trims & vintage fabrics, make each
piece truly unique and one of a kind.

Designed with comfort and versatility in mind, Juliette Sunshine’s dresses, tops, skirts & pants can be dressed up or down,taking your little fashionista from the playground,to play dates to parties.

All styles are ethically made in the USA, providing eco-friendly, sweatshop free clothing for girls aged 12 months-6 years.”


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