For Juliette Sunshine’s Holiday ’09 & Spring 2010 collections, I was inspired by a bunch of odd things….
A Japanese doll and a red toy guitar that my daughter plays with….a local artist’s painting of a girl in red & black, chocolate cake & roses, a picture of little girls samba dancing & music from the Ramones inspired the first group: “Modern Doll”
The second group:”Vintage Scarves” is whimsical & romantic and was inspired by flea markets, hand made quilts, old fashioned doilies, vintage lace and memories of grandma’s house
“Bohemian Girl”is a mix of bright vintage prints & solid knits….this group was inspired by bohemian travelers, free spirits, butterflies & tropical flowers
The last group: “Love & Flowers” that I’m finishing now is inspired by the late 60’s era of the Beatles & flower children, but with a modern twist….this group will be available in only un-dyed natural organic cotton with original screen prints.

Pictures to follow…..


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