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Good Day Sunshine!
Sooooo…….it was another sunny day in Los Angeles and I brought my first batch of cut sample fabric & trims to be sewn for my new eco-friendly girls clothing line-(yay!)…..I’m planning on having 2 versions of the line, one that’s handmade remade vintage one-of a kind pieces and another that uses eco-friendly, organic and vintage fabrics for toddler girls.

I got to thinking about the whole idea for this project after leaving my super-corporate fashion design job that drained all my energy and took almost all my time away from my beautiful (now 2 year old) daughter Kaiya Juliette …..being a working mom is a lot harder than I thought!

Anyway, for an industry focused on making beautiful clothes, fashion can really get ugly when you’re working for companies who are exploiting workers overseas and adding waste and toxic chemicals to our environment……..

Not to mention that after the birth of my daughter I quickly realized the limitations of the mother/corporate fashion designer combination…..this is not an industry that seems to believe in some of the flexible parent options I have heard of in other industries, such as a 3 plus months maternity leave, leaving at 5 and getting home in time for dinner with your child, working from home, etc., etc…….

So what’s a fashion girl to do when you need to put food on the table but you want to be home in time to eat it with your child every night? (Besides, I suddenly found myself much more excited about my daughter’s outfits than mine……….)

Sooo…..with all this in mind, I started designing a cute but sustainable collection of girls clothing with the intention of eventually building towards creating an ideal clothing company for kids:

-A company that makes everything in the USA, pays a fair wage to its employees and contractors, treads lightly on the earth by using organic, eco-friendly, recycled and vintage fabrics; gives back to the community and ultimately becomes a flexible, child-friendly environment for parents to work in. Oh, and did I mention?….. the clothes have to be really cute too!

So…wish me luck! and stay tuned for my new collection for girls- Coming soon!


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